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Mike Bradbury


Construction Engineer Technologist, certified by Ontario General Contactors Association in- Construction Project Management, Construction Site Superintendent, Building Code Compliance, and Building Envelope.

At Full Spectrum Construction we offer a full range of construction services to meet your needs. Whether you just need a contractor to handle the structure, up to close-in, or a full turnkey project we can tailor our services for your specific needs. We can plan, construct and manage everything from site planning and permit acquisition to foundation, framing and interior finishing we can handle it all. What makes us different is our attention to detail and putting the clients needs first! We have the experience, skill and subtrade network to handle all your needs big and small.

With our attention to detail and professional management some of the key deliverables that you can expect from our projects are:

  • Done on time and on budget
  • Customer-first approach
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Constant communication with you, the client!
  • Up to date building science and construction
  • Modern solutions for problems
  • Detailed project management through the project lifecycle
  • Flexible project delivery models

People take on renovations, additions and builds for 3 main reasons- to repurpose and reformat the existing space, to enlarge or get more space or to refresh and update what they have, and sometimes a combination of all 3. Full Spectrum Construction leads the way to take what you have envisioned and turns it into reality. Regardless of what stage you are in from initial concept to drawings completed and ready to build we can provide what is needed to get your project across the finish line and get you enjoying the fruits of your labour. With our process and proven experience, we make this usually stressful and exhausting experience into an exciting experience you can look at with pride and enthusiasm. Whether renovation, addition or complete buildout we have you covered.

Services OFFERED

If you have purchased an older home or have one already that just needs a little facelift or major renovation, we have you covered. Kitchens, baths, basements and whole home renovations, we can take you from eyesore to eye-catching. Whatever the extent of your home renovation Full Spectrum Construction can provide all the services required to transform your old home into a new home with finishes and upgrades that meets your needs.



Need more space? Large or small addition we can make that happen! Whether you have drawings in hand or just an idea in your head we get it across the finish line. From a living room extension to second story buildup or adding a second unit onto the existing building we have the knowledge and skills to take the unknown and turn it into the happy and stress-free process it should be. Check out our Additions Estimator to get an idea on your build budget.


If you have a new plan for your office, need to improve your space or don’t like the present look anymore, give us a call! Creativity and innovation are at the heart of the company philosophy. This includes designers who promote forward thinking on all renovation aspects and develop innovative ideas for even greater enjoyment and comfort. From office renovations to retail outlets to washroom renovations we coordinate every aspect of the renovation process including design, plumbing, electrical and lighting, framing and installation of finishes to reduce downtime and increase efficiency and profitability.


Our design-build process means you are working with the same group of people from the initial design and planning all the way through to final completion, there is no risk of misunderstandings or conflicts moving from the design phase to construction phase. Design-build keeps your budget in mind while the collaboration of everyone under one company increases efficiency and reduces project delivery timelines. This results in a better project delivery and an easier project for everyone involved. From addition to knock down and rebuild this approach will pay dividends in the end.


Whether you have drawings in hand or just a concept of what you want, we’ll start with what you have. Depending on what you would like done, we may send over an initial pre-meeting questionnaire to gather some information about the project. We set an initial meeting to see what is existing and gather as much information about the project as we can- drawings are great but they seldom tell the full story. From there we provide a budget or estimate based on actual rates we know from experience, supplier costs and subcontractor costs.

Congratulations! From here on, you are our valued and prioritized client. We design your dream or, if you have done this already, we go over the drawings and ensure you are getting exactly what you want out of your project. You may not speak architect drawings but we certainly do, and take the time to make sure you understand it. We set out the project delivery schedule and organize for the project so we can hit the ground running. We answer any question and handle all items to your satisfaction from this point forward from start date to what tile you like, we make it happen!

This is where we transform from concept to reality and it starts from the ground up.

If needed, we’ll begin excavating then we’ll pour the foundation and do the plumbing ground work. Then the framing process begins. Framing can be the longest step in the construction process. We use the time it takes to frame as an opportunity to select the interior finishes. At this time, you’ll finalize the interior and exterior finishes in your home including:

General Interior Finishes

  • Tile
  • Backsplashes
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Shower style
  • Paint
  • Cabinetry and countertops

Exterior Finishes

After we finish framing and station the windows and doors, the rough-ins stage begins. Plumbing, HVAC, security systems and electrical work are roughed in.

During this phase we complete the roof and exterior finishes and may begin landscaping depending upon the weather. After the all of the rough-ins are finished, insulation is installed and the sheet rock is hung after the home passes inspection at the required times throughout.

Internal transformation (the fun part)

Now, your selections will be installed, transforming the house from a construction site to a home.

  1. We start with hard surface flooring- tile and hardwood.
  2. Next the cabinet installation and trim work begins.
  3. We’ll finish the tile showers while the trim work is underway.
  4. Countertops are templated, and lighting is installed.
  5. Painters arrive to give colour to your rooms.
  6. Once the painting is complete and dry, the finish carpentry is done.
  7. Last but not least, we’ll add the finishing touches- from doorknobs to towel holders.

Finally, the house is swept, cleaned, and a final walkthrough is completed. After closing and when everything meets your expectations, you’re free and clear to move in.

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amber p
Amber P
From Toronto

“I was very pleased with Full Spectrum Construction doing my home renovation, the team was very professional and friendly and their prices were fair. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again.”

mike m
Mike M
M and D Building Mississauga

“It has been my pleasure to work with Mike from Full Spectrum Construction for the last few months. During that time, through several projects Mike showed his commitment and passion towards his work. All of our projects went on without a hitch and I can thank Mike and all of his skills for that. I am grateful and satisfied with the outcome of his work for each project we dealt in. I will definitely continue working with Mike and building up a stronger business relationship. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get work done.”

dave 2
David K
From Brampton

“Having Full Spectrum in our home was just what we needed, Mike and his team are very knowledgeable and worked great with our ideas, budget, and schedule. I would highly recommend Full Spectrum for your next reno or build.”

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